Original 8' Sharkskin Arctic Silver, fits 61-66" W

Sharkskin Arctic Silver, fits widths 61-66".

Original Sharkskin Sombreros are an affordable way to cover your raft in shade featuring a reinforced aluminum frame, nylon hardware, and Sharkskin canvas.

Original Sharkskin Sombreros include:

  • Sharkskin 6.5 oz dyed acrylic fabric with 5 year warranty
  • Matching zippered boot
  • 7/8" bright anodized frame with double-walled support poles
  • Tough black nylon hardware

Don't forget to add a frame mount kit to mount to your frame. Hardware for deck mounting is included with your Sombrero. See Choosing a Sombrero for help with sizing and fabric choices.

In-stock and ready to ship.


Vendor: River Sombrero Type: Temp
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