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Family Gear Test: Bomber Shade for your Boat 

From the review:

"The Sombrero was a game-changer for us: super-rugged construction that easily withstood gusty winds and generous dimensions—ours was six feet long and five feet wide—that shaded practically the entire boat, so we didn’t have to cower together to stay cool. Never has rafting with two tiny children felt so luxurious and civilized."

Raising Rippers, Outside Magazine Blog

Used the sombrero on a high water grand trip without a hitch. It was equally great in the sun and rain. Never had problem during the 21 day trip. Great product.

Drew, NM

Well worth the money after just one trip! 

Wendy, CO

Just wanted to let you know how great the river sombrero worked on the Lower Salmon in Idaho. It was as hot as 112 degrees and I was really glad to have the shade. We had an unusual downstream breeze on the Snake river so I dropped the sombrero towards the bow of the boat and used it as a sail. Worked great to help get across the frog water!

John, OR

The San Juan trip with my daughter was fantastic and the Sombrero works out beautifully! I really appreciate your hard work and am already telling all my raft buddies about you guys!

Marcel, NM

The Sombreros worked great! Love them! Handle wind great, no up and down like with umbrellas. Worth the money after just one 8-day trip!

Chris, CO

Got mine for my San Juan trip last week. It's so worth it - we had a good deal of wind and all the boats with umbrellas had major issues and didn't cover a quarter of the Sombrero's coverage. No sunburn for the wife & kiddo made for a much better trip. Best investment I've made for my raft since I bought it.

Josh, CO

I actually felt a little guilty having a raft with so much shade in the middle of a 100 degree day while everyone else was begging for relief from the sun. 

Thomas, VA

We would have burned up on the lower Salmon without our the River Sombrero. Others in our group fumbled with beach umbrellas. I rowed through most rapids, Class III, IV, with the sombrero up although not recommended.

John, OR

All my friends have Sombrero envy!!!

Sally, CO

Love my Sombrero. Our friend was using his sun umbrella on the the lower San Juan when a strong wind came up. His umbrella bent, while my Sombrero held up fine until we could lower it. 

Doug, CO

We loved having our River Sombrero's on the Grand Canyon in March-April 2010, especially on our shorter and layover days. Not only does the River Sombrero create shade on the boat, it also served as a very convenient mount for our solar showers! I'll never do another river trip without it! 

Mark, CO

River Sombrero Rules!

Aron, CO

The best way to describe the benefits of the sombrero is everybody who doesn't have one ends up under yours at some point along the trip. Afternoon cocktail parties under mine.

Jude, CO

We had a great Grand Canyon trip last summer during the hot time and loved our shade! 

Valdon, CO

By far, the best river purchase I've ever made. Protection from sun, rain, snow and sleet! Even handles great in the wind, except for one exceptionally blusterly Cataract trip.

David, CO

The customer service at River Sombrero was great when I had a problem. Customer service and Engineering went out of their way to get me a fix quickly before my next river trip.

Michael, CA

If you've got young kids and/or you respect your skin, a River Sombrero is a great investment. A patio umbrella is no substitute.

Josh, CO

The River Sombrero instantly made our raft super comfortable- even on a very hot July San Juan trip! It holds up well with wind, was easy to install and provides great shade coverage. It made our raft so much friendlier for kids since it is easy to keep them out of the sun. We would never do another river trip without one!
Katie Selby Urban and Dustin Urban

Katie and Dustin, CO

I will try to get you guys a picture. Mine is fringed with "river Prayer" flags (you can see them at 4CRS). It makes for a very colorful and cheery craft.

Wade, CO