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We are working hard to keep production to 7-10 days, Original and Deluxe are at 7-10 days. please give us a call if you have any further questions regarding this.

As of the beginning of 2023 Original Sombreros are shipping in 7-10 business days

Original Sombreros are an affordable way to add cool shade to your raft. Original Sombreros feature reinforced aluminum frames with nylon hardware and your choice of fabric and colors. Naturally, Original Sombreros provide cool shade for your raft, stability in the wind (unlike flimsy raft umbrellas), quick stowing, and easy mounting to decks or frames. Sharkskin is an economical 6.5 oz fabric while Sunbrella is a premium 9.25 oz canvas.

We recommend 6' Sombreros for rafts 13' and under so your Sombrero can comfortably fold onto the back of your raft without overhanging. 8' lengths provide more shade for longer rafts.  To select the width, measure center points to center points for frame mounting or just inside your outside frame pipe for deck or slide track mounting. Everyone's setup is a little different, so we recommend checking yours to find the size that fits your raft. See Choosing a Sombrero for more help with sizing and fabric choices.

Original 6' Sharkskin River Sombrero

Original Sharkskin Sombreros are an affordable way to cover your raft in shade featuring a reinforced aluminum frame, nylon hardware, and Sharkskin canvas.

Mini Original Sombrero Arctic Silver

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